Prirodna kozmetika u službi lepote i zdravlja!

Natural cosmetics


about us

Pursuit of nature and systematic knowledge enabled me to pay homage to nature by extracting plants create an.

I live with the belief that good and quality things must be accessible to everyone. This is not always the case in reality, so we are often deprived of what belongs to us naturally – top quality books, wine and skin care. I found my books and wine a long time ago, and having mastered my profession, I managed to do this with cosmetics.

I created the natural cosmetic line “HOMMAGE“ that I proudly present to you.

Striving for nature led me to a pharmacy and systematic knowledge that enabled me to use all the essence of plants in the best possible way, creating an homage to nature.

”HOMMAGE” products are used by my family and friends.

This line contains my entire life. My achievement in the profession, fantasies from an early age, spirituality, the purity of Struga and Ohrid and all that I want to share with all of you..

Hommage Natural Cosmetics