A special and most valued type of cosmetics is the type available in a natural form, as medicinal herbs.

This principle formed the basis of – HOMMAGE.

When creating HOMMAGE, we were guided by the conviction that everyone’s beauty is unique and that beauty must be nurtured.

At the same time, beauty is not sustainable without health and care.

Considering that the highest quality ingredients that take care of our skin are in the natural form, in HOMMAGE cosmetics we strived to have them present in the highest possible proportion, namely, for the proportion of the herbal component to be the highest possible..




The skin is the largest human organ.

Skin appearance and health depend on the condition of organs, glands, stress levels and sun exposure. The skin is a mirror of our health, nutrition, culture and habits, with an important social role. With beautiful and healthy skin, we feel better and more confident.

Like any other organ, the skin cam also be ill. Mostly we contribute to this ourselves, by not caring for it properly.

HOMMAGE promises you the daily respect and advancement of knowledge about skin health and care.



Jove Ilića 31 • Belgrade• Phone +381 60 / 020 65 56 • Phone +381 60 / 358 32 71 •

Jove Ilića 31 • Belgrade

Phone +381 60 / 020 65 56Phone +381 60 / 358 32 71 •

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